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Alexey Rubtsov

A Russian Success Story

Meet Alexey Rubtsov, one of Russia's fastest rising stars and emerging climbing personalities. He's a world traveler, determined, super-focused and we'll be seeing him on the covers of American climbing magazines soon. Let's get to know this talented, self-made, Mad Rock pro-athlete a little better.

Editor: Thanks for chatting with us, Alexey. How old were you when you first developed an interest in climbing?

Alexey: The first time I came to the climbing gym in 17 years was in 2005. Before that I did not know that there is such a sport as climbing. In Russia, climbing is not very popular, so I couldn't start it during my childhood.

Editor: Where did you complete your first climb? Must have been pretty special. What impression did that first climb make on you?

Alexey: When I went to university, I found a climbing club there and decided to try it.

Then when I climbed there for the first time on the first training session, I thought that I would become a world champion in this sport! My premonition came true. After 3.5 years of training I did this.

Editor: Who was your first climbing teacher and what is the wisdom that they shared with you?

Alexey: My first coach was then and now - Sveta Chistyakova. She is the coach in the university climbing club. But mostly the knowledge I received was from athletes with whom I was training. For the last five years, I have been training own my own and the knowledge I gained, I gained by myself.

Editor: When did you start competing professionally?

Can you share some of your successes (wins in a competition) with us?

Alexey: My first international start was in 2008, it was 2.5 years after the beginning of my training. Professionally, I began to approach the sport after winning the World Championship in 2009 in China.

I stood 7 times on the podiums of the World Cup series in bouldering, and I won two stages.

Editor: Very impressive! Travel comes with the territory when you’re a climber. To which countries has your climbing profession taken you?

Which places or climbing areas are your personal favorites?

Alexey: More than in 30 already, but I cannot remember, Europe, Asia, Africa. This year was the first time I went to America. I travel a lot. About half the year I'm not at home. I love almost all areas where there are large mountains and bouldering.

Most of all I like the Magic Wood, Rocklands.

Editor: Who are some climbers that you admired when you started out in climbing?

Alexey: In the beginning I have been inspired by strong athletes in Moscow, and then in Russia as a whole. As my climbing level became better, I began to realize that there are a lot more stronger athletes and my idols were constantly changing. Now I am inspired by people who discover something new in climbing.

Editor: What is your climbing philosophy and why is climbing important and meaningful in your life?

Alexey: I like the movement in climbing and it gives me pleasure to be on the wall. Of course I like to travel, compete, but mostly I get pleasure from the climbing movement. I like the feeling in my body, when I am climbing. As people get used to running and can not live without it, I can not live without the feelings I get when I climb.

Editor: What is your goal as a professional climber?

Alexey: In recent years, the level of rock climbing has grown and continues to grow. My goal is to stay on the top level as long as possible, for it I must constantly grow with it and be more stronger. It's interesting to watch how far I can reach the level of the world climbing and how far you can walk with it.

Editor: As a professional climber, what are three tips you can share with fans who might want to follow in your footsteps, Alexey?

Alexey: Any athlete has a lot of habits. From good ones... ☺ I've got the habit to conduct a training diary, build a training plan and analyze the results.

The habit of a healthy diet and lifestyle. The habit of regularly going to the rocks and climbing. ☺

Editor: Thank you for interviewing with us, Alexey, and sharing your climbing journey with your fans. We wish you all the best!

Alexey: Thank you!

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Interview conducted by Vera Kaikobad L. Ac.
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