Image courtesy Alli Rainey. © Alli Rainey.

Image courtesy Alli Rainey. © Alli Rainey.

On the Cover: Alli Rainey

Cover Date: September 12th, 2014

An Interview with Alli Rainey

Tips on climbing from a climbing coach

A longtime climber and climbing coach, Alli Rainey recently agreed to share a few key tips with us on how to improve your climbing. 

Editor: What can a climber do to bring out the best of their climbing skills? 

Alli Rainey: Climb, a lot, on every type of terrain you wish to excel on. And spend more time climbing on the holds, angles and styles you aren’t as comfortable on or as strong at, as you
won’t get better at them by not trying them. This is commonly referred to as “working your weaknesses.” 

Editor: That’s interesting. How does one get started?

Alli Rainey: Take the time and make the effort while you do this (working your weaknesses) to develop solid technical skills from the start, and then remain open to refining and reworking those skills as you grow, change, strengthen, and mature as a climber. 

Editor: How can we raise our current strength and endurance levels?

Alli Rainey: Watch and/or climb with other, better climbers and ask lots of questions about why they do what they do, and keep trying to emulate their movements when they make sense. Developing top-notch technical and tactical climbing skills enables you to make the most out of your current strength and endurance levels, while also often encouraging those levels to increase as you climb. 

Editor: What can we do if we begin to stagnate? How do we get out of it?

Alli Rainey: If or when you plateau in climbing (i.e. stop improving by just climbing), and/or if you still want to improve or improve more quickly at climbing, consider trying some more structured training for climbing beyond just climbing. Ideally, your training program should be personalized and well thought out, taking into account your climbing experience, past training experience, specific strengths and less-strong areas, lifestyle and goals, among other components. Sometimes even a short and targeted training cycle can have a significantly positive impact on a person’s climbing ability level. 

Editor: What can a climber do to get increasingly stronger?

Alli Rainey: Remember to rest enough to allow your body to grow stronger. Rest (including days off from climbing/training and solid nights of sleep) is a key part of any successful training program or physical activity. It’s imperative to balance plenty of climbing, appropriate structured
training, and enough time to recover in order to make performance gains. 

Editor: Do you have a few, final words of advice for us? 

Alli Rainey: Solid nutrition, low stress levels, a positive mental attitude, and supportive and motivated climbing partners also help!

Editor: Thank you for these fabulous tips, Alli. We really enjoyed talking to you and hope to do a follow up interview with you...we're sure your fans will love it.

Alli Rainey has been climbing for more than 20 years, is a registered yoga teacher, a certified personal trainer in addition to a climbing coach. 

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