An Interview with Chelsea Sullivan

We recently had the chance to interview Chelsea Sullivan, an amazing athlete who is incredibly talented, strong and focused. An athlete at Flylow Gear, She was only 19 and started competing on the Freeskiing World Tour. Today, she stands as a positive role model to so many fans. If you love to ski, then this inspiring interview is for you!

Editor: We’re honored to interview you and we do appreciate your time.

Thanks for speaking with us, Chelsea.

Chelsea Sullivan: It’s my pleasure. Thank you for having me.

Editor: Let’s begin with your passion: skiing. Where are you originally from and how old were you when you knew skiing was for you?

Chelsea Sullivan: I grew up in the Ottawa Valley, on the Quebec/Ontario border. A place called Buckhams Bay, which is on the Ottawa River. I started skiing when I was 2, ski racing at 4 and began competing in park and pipe at the age of 14. Skiing became a way of life in my early teenage years.


Editor: Who were some of your first skiing instructors?

Chelsea Sullivan: I got a call from Denise Jaworski at Progression Ski Camps to come to Mount Tremblant and train with a group of very talented young skiers. Sarah Burke was a coach, and became huge influence on me in my younger years.


Editor: What drew you so powerfully to skiing, Chelsea?

What is it about this sport that drives you emotionally?

Chelsea Sullivan: Skiing for me has always been an outlet for passion and rebellion. I was competitive from a very young age, following around my older brother, and I wanted to be just like him.

Skiing is a limitless sport. With so many different avenues to explore, racing, park, big mountain, back country etc. It is a tenacious task to master the sport. I believe it is this consistent challenge that continually brings me back.


Editor: Great answer! Can you tell your fans a bit about your upbringing, your roots and future goals?

Chelsea Sullivan: I had a very blessed childhood. I grew up with space to run in a big red brick house in cottage country. It was my goal to become a Olympic ski racer, but when I turned 14 my parents bought me a pair of twin tips and I never looked back.

I moved to Whistler BC at the ripe age of 19 and started competing on the Freeskiing World Tour. After 5 years on the tour I blew my knee and returned to school. The Adventure Program at Thompson Rivers University helped form the path I am currently on, achieving my Association of Canadian Mountain Guides Apprentice Ski.


Editor: Which were some of your favorite places to ski?

Chelsea Sullivan: The Freeskiing World tour took me to some very iconic ski resorts, but nothing says home like Mount Tremblant Quebec.


Editor: Is your family supportive of your career?

Chelsea Sullivan: Both my parents love to ski, and have always been there to support me in my athletic, and educational endeavors. My two brothers are very talented athletes themselves and I draw a lot of inspiration from them.


Editor: That's so awesome! Okay, we’ll switch gears and talk about things you enjoy doing!

Do you like books? Which ones are your favorites?

Which are your all-time-favorite movies?

What kind of music do you enjoy?

I don’t think you’ve ever been asked this, so it will be a fun treat for your fans!

Chelsea Sullivan: My favorite read is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I love quotes by mountaineers like George Mallory “Because it’s there”. My all time favorite movie is Hackers with Angelina Jolie, and for music I love classic rock, artists like Journey and Alannah Myles.

Editor: Paulo Coelho...yes, an amazing voice. Journey is amazing...very cool choices.

Have you had the chance to ski in the US and if so, where?

Chelsea Sullivan: I have skied in lots of places in the States, my favorite being Kirkwood, California. The last time I was there was for the North American Championships, in 2009 I believe, and it snowed 2 feet.


Editor: What are your thoughts on the preservation of nature and climate change?

Chelsea Sullivan: I believe in the individual contribution. Living small and doing your part. We cannot continue living and consuming at such an exponential rate. Knowledge is power and I think the world would be in better shape if we were all well informed on the importance of maintaining what little natural resources we have left.


Editor: Do you have a few words of advice about skiing that your fans can use as pearls of wisdom from you?

Chelsea Sullivan: One of my greatest challenges in my own progression as a skier is confidence, and I think a lot of young women struggle with that. If I could say one thing to all the up and comers out there it would be to unwaveringly believe in your dreams. Anything is possible.


Editor: Well put, Chelsea. We truly appreciate the chance to interview you and learn a bit more about you.

Chelsea Sullivan: Thank you, I appreciate the opportunity to have a voice in an industry that has given me so much.

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“In the nineteenth century, Fritjof Nansen wrote that skiing washes civilization clean from our minds by dint of its exhilarating physicality. By extension, I believe that snow helps strip away the things that don't matter. It leaves us thinking of little else but the greatness of nature, the place of our souls within it, and the dazzling whiteness that lies ahead.”
― Charlie English

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