The star of Fight to Survive, which you can check out on the Outdoor Channel, Craig Demartino shows us what it means to be strong physically as well as emotionally, he shows us what we must do to prepare for the most unexpected encounters outdoors.

He demonstrates what it is like to keep one's balance and short, not only is he a powerful climber but also a great example of an athlete who knows what it means to be adaptable, in a tough, unforgiving environment.

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'The Super-Fast 12'

This feature asks our guest 12 questions that they have to answer, you guessed it: super-fast!

1. Your age when you first started climbing and where?

I started climbing when I was about 24 I think, after college, in PA at a bachelor party of all things?!

2. Route name, grade of first send.

I don't remember the first route I did, but my first real lead was a 5.7 in the Gunks called Ciry Lights, it scared me and amazed me! The hardest thing I've done is 12d in Boulder on a route called Your Mother in Eldo. I've also aid climbed up to A4 and ice climbed WI 6. I try to do a little of everything.

3. Favorite climbers, name of your first climbing instructor.

My favorite climbers now are guys like Alex Honnold and Ethan Pringle, they both seem to be having fun doing what we all love. I never really had any instructors, just a few good mentors when I was younger.

4. All-time-favorite places to climb in the world.

Yosemite, Croatia, and right here in Colorado.

5. Favorite food? Are you a tea or coffee person?

I love food, period. And coffee, I'm not familiar with "tea."

6. What type of climbing do you prefer: alpinism, bouldering, big walls, sport/trad?

I climb everything except alpine routes, I've always wanted to be well rounded. Of course then you don't crank out high numbers, but it keeps things changing and fun.

7. Are we doing enough on protecting the environment?

We can always do more for the environment. As a climber and heavy user, myself and my family try hard to have a small foot print. Then you go to other countries and you see the mess out there and its a bit disheartening.

8. Night owl or morning person?

Morning person, always.

9. Favorite climbing movie (or any movie)? What type of tunes are you rocking to these days?

Cliffhanger, I mean don't we ALL love Cliffhanger??? My tunes are all over the place, but right now Cold War Kids are taking up a lot of space on my phone.

10. What gift has climbing given to you emotionally? (You were born to climb, that's why we're asking.)

Climbing has become my form of meditation. After I got hurt, my wife and I stripped our life down to the simple stuff we loved. Our kids, each other, and climbing and spending time outside. Climbing has played a huge part in my recovery and continues to motivate me to stay active and to enjoy each day.

11. Any advice you can share with fans about climbing?

Keep climbing, I meet so many people who walk away from it because of work, family, life, and then they come back and tell me how sad they are without it. I think when you find something you love and its a healthy thing, go all in!

12. 3 things you never go climbing without, and if you weren't a climber, what would you have been?

Coffee, Evolv Shamans, and ArcTeryx puffy (Atom). If not a climber, I really have no idea, I think about that sometimes and draw a blank. Maybe an artist of some kind....

Thanks, Craig!

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