David Lloyd - An erudite narrative on bouldering in beautiful Wyoming.

"Bouldering is a simple activity that can end up having such complex and beneficial effects on a life. It's kept me in shape, learning about the world, appreciating wild places, and totally engaged for almost twenty years now.

It's sometimes portrayed as a selfish activity, and like anything it can be done in a selfish way, but I think that it's helped me be a better father, teacher, and husband. Through climbing my daughters have traveled to so many beautiful places, I'm a more knowledgeable and passionate biology teacher, and I spend wonderful climbing days with my wife, who is a stronger boulderer than I am.

It's the bouldering itself, the exploration, and developing problems that's taught me what I know, and helped me grow as a climber. No single ascent is relevant in comparison to decades of going climbing every weekend, and spending so many summer days in the mountains.

I'd like younger climbers to realize that it's probably best to think of bouldering as a game played for the love of it, and with long term goals. That nothing special will happen because you get to the next bouldering grade. But that special things will happen if you stick with bouldering, and do it consistently.

I'm not sure exactly what my reputation is in the climbing world, or what I'm most known for. I've been keeping a photo based blog.


I've kept it for seven years that still gets good traffic, I develop a lot of boulder problems in the Lander area and wrote the guidebook "Bouldering in the Wind River Range" to share this area with others.

I'm married to Ashley who is known as a strong female boulderer, and my daughters also climb, so we are almost always climbing as a family.

I'm very excited to live in the state of Wyoming, and be able to spend so many days putting up problems on solid stone in this state's vast and lonely landscapes." - David Lloyd

Interview conducted by Vera Kaikobad L. Ac.
Editor of the Facebook page: 'An Interview With'.
Editor-in-Chief of ClimbSkiBoulderMagazine.com
Interview © Vera Kaikobad L. Ac.
All images © of the designated photographer and used with David's written permission.

David Lloyd standing in Crazy Woman Canyon, WY.

On the Cover: David Lloyd

Cover Date: December 3rd, 2014


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