We thought we'd ask Dawn Glanc, a powerful, super-strong and beautiful climber to her share some personal thoughts with her fans and have her try out our special feature: 'The Super-Fast 12' so that you can get to know this amazing climber a little better. She's a certified Rock and Alpine Guide and one of the most talented ice and mixed climbers in the world.

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Explorations on Ice with Dawn Glanc

'The Super-Fast 12'

This feature asks our guest 12 questions that they have to answer, you guessed it: super-fast!

1. Your age when you started climbing, and where?

Dawn: First time I climbed I was 20 years old. I went to Whipps Ledges in Hinckley Ohio.

2. Route name, grade of first send I can't remember.

Dawn: I know my first lead was in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It was either at Skeleton Remains or Rushmore area.

3. Favorite climbers, name of your first climbing instructor.

Dawn: Favorite climbers are those who think my jokes are funny. I did not have a climbing instructor. My boyfriend took me out the first few years and then friends taught me what to do.

4. All-time-favorite places to climb in the world.

Dawn: I love Kalymnos, Greece.

5. Favorite food? Tea or coffee person?

Dawn: Favorite food is Salty French fries with ketchup. Peet's coffee is my life source.

6. What type of climbing do you prefer: alpinism, bouldering, big walls, sport/trad?

Dawn: I truly love sport climbing and mixed sport climbing.

7. Are we doing enough on protecting the environment?

Dawn: Absolutely not. Climbers like to point fingers at other user groups. Climbers are just as guilty of crapping in the wrong place, leaving trash, extending a campground stay, and other behaviors that we are all bitching about. We need to be good land stewards so that our access is not limited.

8. Night owl or morning person?

Dawn: I am more of a mid day person. 10:00-2:00 or 10:00-4:00 is my prime time.

9. Favorite climbing movie (or any movie)? What type of tunes are you rocking to these days?

Dawn: Favorite climbing movie is "Take it to the Limit".

Tunes vary widely each day. The Missy Elliot mix is a favorite though.

10. What gift has climbing given to you emotionally? (You were born to climb, that's why we're asking.)

Dawn: Climbing connects me to the environment and to my climbing partners in a very powerful way. Climbing has given me so much more than I would have ever thought an activity could do.

11. Any advice you can share with fans about climbing.

Dawn: Try hard and have fun. It's only climbing after all.

12. 3 things you never go climbing without and if you weren't a climber, what would you have been?


1. Rope

2. Glitter

3. Food

I would have just a passionate attitude about something else!

Editor: And we rather think it would still be climbing! Thanks for your time, Dawn. It was a pleasure chatting with you.

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Dawn's official web site

Climber bio: Dawn Glanc, pronounced, “Glance”, was born and raised in Brunswick Ohio. After a few years at Kent State University, Dawn moved to the Black Hills of South Dakota to pursue a degree in Outdoor Education. While at Black Hills State University, Dawn also discovered rock and ice climbing. After graduating in 1998 with a BS in Outdoor Education, Dawn continued to climb and started down the road toward a career in the outdoors. In 2004, Dawn left the hills and went to the North Cascades to become a full time mountain guide.

Over the next 8 years she climbed and guided all throughout the western United States and Canada. In 2012, Dawn became a year round resident of Ouray Colorado and now spends her time climbing in the San Juan’s and guiding full time for San Juan Mountain Guides and Chicks Climbing.Dawn enjoys all types of climbing, however ice and mixed climbing is her specialty. Dawn has followed her passion for climbing and it has taken her all over the world to climb and explore. Dawn has climbed in Canada, Norway, Greece, France, Italy, Montenegro, Sardinia, and Iceland.

She has first ascents on waterfall ice lines in Cody Wyoming, and the western fjords of Iceland. Dawn has also competed in the Ouray Ice Festival Competition, The Bozeman Ice Festival competition and the Vail Winter Games. Winning first place in the women’s division multiple times. Dawn is also an American Mountain Guide Association certified Rock and Alpine Guide.

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