An Interview with: Delaney Miller

Delaney Miller recently sent her first V 11 (Running Scared) in the Lower Chaos Canyon of the Rocky Mountain National Park. She has been working on a V 11 project (Bush Pilot), but snow has been a hindrance. She trained for the PanAmerican Championships held in Mexico and brought home the gold. The event was her last youth competition. Delaney took 2nd place at the Psicobloc Masters in 2013-14, and is the Sport Climbing National Champion for two years in a row.

Update: Delaney placed 1st in lead and the overall in The Triple-Header comp at the Boulders Climbing Gym Congrats!

Editor: Thank you for giving us some of your time, Delaney. We’re so glad to get to interview you. Let’s talk about you and climbing!

First of all, congratulations on grabbing the gold at the PanAm Championships! How does it feel?

Delaney Miller: Thanks! I’m pretty stoked to have been able to finish my Youth
career on such a good note! Although I’ve been training hard, I wasn’t expecting much from myself since this last semester of college has been pretty tough. My biggest goal was just to have fun and make the most of my last moments as a youth climber.

Editor: You're obviously a superbly talented and hard-working climber. At what age did you develop an interest in climbing? Was there a climb that you saw for the first time that inspired you? Where was that?

Delaney Miller: I started climbing when I was twelve. I remember feeling inspired the moment I walked into the gym. Climbing has just always given me immense joy and I have yet to find anything even remotely comparable. When I’m challenged
mentally and physically is when I’m the most motivated.

Editor: What are some of your favorite routes? Can you share with us what the grades were and where you climbed?

Delaney Miller: One of my favorite routes was La Femme Noir in Ceuse, France,
which is 7c. It was a majestic climb that totally destroyed me. I definitely took at least five times and spent more time hanging than climbing. I became frustrated because I knew I was fully capable of sending the route fresh, but fatigue had set in and all I could think about was dinner.

I made myself push through it anyways and before I knew I was clipping the chains. It was a humbling experience, but I'm glad I didn't give up. Sometimes you fight the good fight just to remind yourself that rock climbing is hard.

Editor: We're glad you didn't give up! What was the Snow White Project about, Delaney?

Delaney Miller: The Snow White Project is a Jon Suhy original climbing video
about local Fort Collins Climbers. I first met Jon on my second trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park. Like most foco locals, he was easy to become instant friends with and I’m so glad I got to work with him as he finished his masterpiece.

The film highlights some sick climbs (including my send of Running Scared) and it showcases the extraordinary sense of community tangible among the Fort.

Editor: Who are your climbing icons that either taught you or inspired you?

Delaney Miller: I find inspiration in people everyday. I find it hard to pick a
single person because the thing that gets me the most psyched is sessioning with someone equally enthusiastic to be climbing and trying hard. It’s not exactly hard to find these motivated people at any gym or local crag.

Editor: That's a great answer. Do you think men and women climb differently?

Delaney Miller: In terms of technique, I think men and women climb exactly the
same. The most efficient way to do a move is generally pretty standard,
regardless of gender. Men, however, are capable of being far more powerful and going for longer simply due to anatomical differences.

Editor: Interesting observation. Do you think men and women train differently?

Delaney Miller: Men and women don’t train differently. It’s all the same sport
and there’s only one real way to improve at climbing; which is simply climbing. That is also one of the reasons climbing is such an incredible sport; it builds community by bringing people together.

Editor: Climbing grants us many blessings, such as confidence, a sharp intuition,
strength and wisdom, the use of extreme patience while also knowing when
to push yourself at the right moment. What blessings has climbing given to

Delaney Miller: The biggest thing climbing has given me is perspective. I’ve learned not to get upset over the little things and how to keep the big picture in mind. In doing so, I’ve discovered how to stay positive and to persevere through hard times. When in doubt, run it out!

Editor: Well put! Are there countries or specific locations where you’d love to climb?

Delaney Miller: Absolutely! Literally every time I open Facebook or Instagram I
see posts with places that I want to go. Right now, I’d be most keen to
go to Mallorca for some stellar deep water soloing!

Editor: I can totally see you doing that! What kind of music are you rocking to these days? What's your favorite movie/books?

Delaney Miller: That’s a tough question. I like variety, so I listen to a little bit of
everything. I guess if I have to be more specific I’d say I’ve been jamming to a lot of indie rock and old school rap. I’m not much of a movie fanatic, but the last movie I saw was pretty great; The Lego movie (this movie could also be described as awesome ).

Editor: Your female fans love your signature blue nail color. 

Delaney Miller: Thanks! I just really like the color too! I can be really (extremely) indecisive when it comes to inconsequential things, so once I find something I like, I tend to stick to it to protect my sanity.

Editor: Thanks for sharing your climbing experience with us and we hope to do a follow up interview with you in the future, Delaney. We’re sure you'll have more climbing stories to share!

Delaney Miller: Thanks and I’d love to answer any further questions in the future!

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