An Interview with Emiliyan Kolevski

Bulgarian boulderer and climber Emiliyan Kolevski spoke to us recently: he’s strong, talented and fast gaining popularity for his hard work.

There’s no question that after the movie Point Break comes out at Christmas time, the world will be very familiar with his name.

So, let’s get started!

Editor: We’re honored to speak with you and appreciate your time, Emiliyan.

Emiliyan:  It’s a pleasure to share my impressions with you guys. 

Editor: The trailer for the movie Point Break is out, and it is quite an amazing look at what the sequel will be like at Christmas time.

Must see! Point Break Official Trailer

What was it like working in such a big production?

Emiliyan: Well, it really was great experience. I spent one whole month in Canaima National Park, Venezuela - the wildest and most amazing place that I’ve been.  The nature is grand!

I am very grateful to Chris and Jimena who told me that production is still looking for one stunt-double for the climbing scenes of Point Break. I sent a few pictures and the cast director said okay. I must have good karma to get that lucky :-)

Apart of being a climber, at home in Bulgaria I am also occasionally an actor at TV commercials and small size marketing productions. I guess maybe this also helped a bit to get selected. 

Point Break from 1991 is one of my most favorite movies as a kid.  Now being part of the crew for the second movie felt unreal. For the production crew, I can only say that they are all great professionals and also very cool guys.  As a climber I was impressed by the rigger team - Dave Schultz, Brooke Sandahl, Alexander Magrel and of course the climbing supervisor Linh Nguyen. These guys were amazing with ropes and gear and I think had a crucial part for the stunts shooting.

Editor: You worked with Chris Sharma and Dani Andrada in this movie.

Did you enjoy being part of an action film?

What is Chris like to work with?

And Dani?

Emiliyan:  Yes, the atmosphere was great. Chris and Dani are amazing and we had lots of fun. Dani is very energetic, restless and can’t stay idle for a second - he was joking and making the crew laugh all the time.

Chris is calm and casual with a great cheerful personality – his energy peaked up when he put his hands on a rock. There were a few rest days in which we opened some new boulders on top of Auyan teppui. It was a thrill to go bouldering with a helicopter to the top of a plateau in the middle of the jungle. :-)

Editor: Tell us what kind of rock you enjoy climbing on.

Is there a particular technique or style that defines you?

Emiliyan: I like all kinds of rock. I find climbing on granite very technical and challenging, so it’s very interesting for me. In general, I like steep walls with small holds and powerful moves – a style similar to the routes in Zillertal in Austria.

Editor: How old were you when you first started climbing? And where was this?

Emiliyan: I started climbing at the age of 16 with a few friends in my hometown Kyustendil in Bulgaria. At the beginning it was just for fun. After that I was competing hard at the junior table tennis team. With time climbing gradually took me over and has been my primary focus ever since.

Editor: Who was your first climbing teacher?

And what was the one piece of teaching or wisdom from them that you always carry with you?

Emiliyan:  My first teacher who I respect very much is Stamen Stanimirov – a famous alpinist and climber from the 80’s in Bulgaria. What I learned from him was to face all problems with a clear mind. Another thing is not to get attached too much to the familiar.


Editor: Is there a certain outdoor project/projects that have always intrigued and challenged you here in the U.S.?

What do you think of El Cap, Indian Creek and all the other beautiful destinations in the U.S.?

Emiliyan: Well, I’ve only been briefly in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, so I don’t have particular projects in U.S. For my next trip I would definitely like to go to Hueco Tanks, Bishop and Joe’s Valley.

Editor: When you were just starting out, which climbers did you find most inspirational?

Emiliyan: The Dosage series with Chris Sharma were a religion for local climbers in Bulgaria. After each Dosage I got a long-lasting motivational boost.  Iker Pou and Dave Graham are also great inspiration for me.


Editor: What is your advice to young climbers who look up to you?

Emiliyan: Climb as much as you can outdoors.

Editor: Here’s an important question that truly defines a climber.

Why do you climb? Intrinsically, what does it give you?

Emiliyan:  For me climbing is a lifestyle. Traveling around the world meeting new friends, exploring new places – how is it possible for somebody not to enjoy such a life? I think this sport makes me mentally and physically strong and after each completed hard project I feel fulfilled and completed. I guess this is also true for all people who do what they love most.

Editor: What are your thoughts on the preservation of nature and climate change?

Emiliyan: Yes, nature preservation is very important. Climb everything at whatever cost is not a rule to be followed especially in places where there are endangered birds for example. I try to be respectful to nature and climbing spots and never leave trash.


Editor: Thanks for spending some time with us, Emiliyan. It was great to learn about your perspective on climbing!

Please come by and talk with us again, your fans love to hear from you.

Emiliyan: Thanks for inviting me guys for this interview I wish you all a great summer!

Interview conducted by Vera Kaikobad L. Ac.
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