Editor: Thank you for your time, Faith. We appreciate you doing an interview with our magazine.

When did you first develop an interest in climbing?

Faith Coyote: When I was a kid, we hiked a lot in the Canyon of the Ancients so after the first couple times of having to climb up to see the ruins I got hooked.

Editor:  Do you climb or boulder? Or both?

Faith Coyote: I do both but primarily bouldering.

Editor:  What some of your favorite places to climb and why?

Faith Coyote:  I have a couple of spots I've been going to since I was a kid near my grandparents’ house on the Navajo reservation that’s perfect for bouldering, I love it cause it’s my own little oasis.

Editor:  How did you learn to climb and who was your first instructor?

Faith Coyote: Climbing just came natural, it was until 5 years ago when I found out there were names for things I was doing. But it was until a couple of years ago that I met Jeff and Tana Bryan who have taken me under their wings and have been teaching me so much more.

Editor: Do you enjoy climbing indoor or on real rock? There are so many climbing gyms around these days!

Faith Coyote: Gyms are popping up everywhere like daisies, it’s crazy! Even then I prefer what I started with and that's real rock, you just can't get that connection with nature in a gym.

Editor: Many view nature as a pure and spiritual place. Climbing in this pristine environment helps create a pure connection with nature. Do you agree?

Faith Coyote: Oh most definitely, climbing takes me to a whole other level with nature. Being up there, taking in the sights and seeing things from a whole different perspective gives the appreciation that you are a part of a handful of people in the world who have seen, felt, and heard what you experienced in that moment.

Editor:  Can you tell us how you view the sacredness of nature and what the climbing community can do to protect it?

Faith Coyote:  Nature has more wisdom that the wisest man and has seen more than any of the oldest eyes, it can teach us so much but once it’s gone its gone. There's so much that we as climbers and just people can do but it all comes down to actually doing it. Whether it be just going out and picking up trash or starting a campaign to save a river, doesn't matter how big or small it all goes to the same cause.

Editor: Which climbers do you look up to?

Faith Coyote: My climbing partner and instructor Jeff Bryan, he's less than a year post-op of an amputation and he's already out on the rock ready to climb to new heights.

Editor: What brand of shoes or rope do you feel works best for you?

And which gear brand do you like for your particular style of climbing?

Faith Coyote: I like evolv's shoes and sterling ropes, as for brand I go with whatever feels good, I like a few brands but can't say which I like best.

Editor: Thank you for spending some time with us, Faith. It was great to talk with you.

Faith Coyote: Thanks, it was a pleasure.

Interview conducted by Vera Kaikobad L. Ac.
Editor of 'An Interview With'.
Editor-in-Chief of ClimbSkiBoulderMagazine.com
Interview © Vera Kaikobad L. Ac.
All images © of the designated photographer and used with Faith's written permission.

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On the Cover: Faith Coyote

Cover Date: February 15th, 2015