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One of Scotland's highly talented and well respected climbers shares his thoughts on a dream climb.

Dalriada...just the name invokes fascination! Check out what he had to say and be super-inspired.

An Exclusive Op-Ed By Coach Robbie Phillips

"Today I realised a dream; to climb what is regarded as Scotland's most iconic rock climb, "Dalriada" (E7 6b).

Since I started climbing, the name "Dalriada" has echoed throughout the years...It was my good friend and ex-coach Neil McGeachy's dream climb - he never shut up about it; and as a consequence it has been permanently etched in my brain!

This morning I drove up from Edinburgh with Ian Small; we'd just had a couple of days in the Lakes and were pretty knackered. This was going to be my 14th day on after a long stint of climbing, training and travelling; but it was my last chance to climb this route before winter as I'm leaving for the Red Bull White Cliffs on Wednesday!

We made the long approach under a heavy set fog; the cobbler was invisible underneath this white blanket of moisture! Most of the day was spent sat around staring up at a dark shadow of which I couldn't quite make out any features...it was just a silhouette behind cloud.

A few hours passed and the cloud started to break apart - we decided that an attempt might be in order; hopefully the wind would dry off the wall!

I climbed the first quarter fairly steadily before hitting a damp patch. The traverse was green and pretty grimy... I attempted to get through but I was slipping all over the place so I down-climbed to safety. I looked back at Ian...this wasn't going to happen...I was losing my self belief!

I tried to centre myself and regain some courage...Ian was there shouting support and I knew that this was safe - I should just GO for this!

And so I went for it! I had nothing to lose really - I bashed through the slimy crack and into some damp jugs where I could rest. It wasn't ideal but I was getting recovered. Ian shouted me towards a better rest on the arete and I managed to get everything back.

The upper section was technical and balancy...the wall was dampish but I held it together - it was vertical climbing on small edges and slopey breaks, I could take my time...

I teetered my way up the wall slowly until eventually grabbing a "thank god" jug at the top of the wall! I mantled out onto the platform to safety...I had just successfully flashed "Dalriada".

This was a big moment for me and my climbing - it was realising a dream, seeing a goal accomplished and giving me yet more confidence in my abilities as a trad climber.

Ian gave me so much support on this one; not just as a belayer but also technical support with beta and a lot of mental support with encouragement and his belief in me! Thanks man - couldn't have done it without you.

Finalcrux Films were there to capture the whole experience on film so stay tuned for yet another fantastic piece of footage from my climbing adventures - "Dalriada"!

Op-Ed © Robbie Phillips
Op-Ed conducted by Vera Kaikobad L. Ac.
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Climber bio: Robbie Phillips has been climbing since he was 15 years old. He grew up spending every waking moment he had at EICA: Ratho (Edinburgh International Climbing Arena) and as soon as he was old enough to run off on his own climbing around the world.

These days Robbie is a professional climbing coach, route setter and writer based in Edinburgh. Robbie has coached some of the top young climbers in Scotland and the UK, some of which have gone onto compete internationally and achieved some fantastic results.

Robbie is also an avid traveller and explorer. He spends most of his year away from home in search of amazing climbing areas and when he is back home, it's spent training for climbing and dreaming about climbing.

In short Robbie is a bit obsessed with climbing...

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