An Interview with Tamara Hastie

Editor: You're a strong and talented climber. How old were you when you developed an interest in climbing?


Tamara Hastie: I was twenty three when I started rock climbing, in one of the best towns, Flagstaff, Arizona. 


Editor: You're right about that! Flag rocks! Where have you climbed recently and what was that experience like for you?

Can you share details about the rock, the grade, the difficulty and what your favorite techniques are?


Tamara Hastie: I love climbing here in Northern Arizona, the diversity of rock type and so many types of climbing keeps it wild and fun. Currently, I am hooked on the limestone sport climbing that graces Northern Arizona, focusing mainly putting up my own routes, so the difficulty does vary. 

I am also currently trying to red point a M. Greco route called Crystal Clear.
Favorite technique, hmmm. It must be stemming, there is a feeling you get by
bridging a gap, to look down and to see your rope and gear below, and possibly
your belayer. Great perspective and position 99.9% of the time. 


Editor: What type of routes are you most drawn to when climbing and why?


Tamara Hastie: I am drawn to finding and establishing new and undone routes, or obscure ones, the ones with no chalk. I like embracing the adventure. What is climbing with out a bit of mystery thrown in the mix?! 


Editor: Agreed! Who are your climbing icons?


Tamara Hastie: Hidetaka Suzuki and Anna Stohr.



Editor: You are also a brilliant photographer, and after seeing your work, I can tell
it is your passion. Is it a more personal experience for you to be a climber
while capturing a climb on film?

A non-climber wouldn’t quite get a feel for the climb unfolding before their eyes, but you probably really connect to it in a very personal way.

Your thoughts?


Tamara Hastie: For me to film or shoot stills is a very personal experience especially with personal projects focused on the incredible details and intricate aspects of rock climbing.

I am not only connected to the sport intimately, but also to the climbers and the
route. Documenting is truly my passion, I want to walk away, I want you to walk
away with a tangible slice of what was and what could be. Its motivating. It
drives me down the path to stay surrounded and connected by aware and informed
communities, with individuals who love to live. 



Editor: Which climbers would you love to photograph?


Tamara Hastie: Brian, a Navajo kid who lives on the rim of the canyon where we are developing a new climbing area, leading his first 5.10 bolted route that he found, put up and named.



Editor: That's incredible! Actually, there are way too many undiscovered climbing spots out there. We'll have to interview you again when you capture some phenomenal images!

Where in the world would you personally like to climb and why?


Tamara Hastie: The Sierras. Simply the best, and so much to find and discover all over. It’s truly endless. 

Editor: That it truly is. That's for chatting with us and be sure to let us know about any new routes that you grab a FA on!

Tamara Hastie is an Arizona-based climber, editor, documentary film-maker and photographer. Her photographic work is truly inspiring and she handles each subject with a unique eye and great sensitivity.

Please check out her official website:

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On the Cover: Tamara Hastie

Cover Date: January 8th, 2015